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Posted by Raptor | Posted in Being Agile | Posted on 08-10-2010

When we were first assigned the task of a weekly blog, I must admit I was a bit frustrated with additional work, which felt like “busy work”. That said, in the process of researching and writing both my previous blog and this one, I have gained a lot of historical insight into agile development that helps me to better understand the processes we use. (So obviously, I don’t feel like its busy work anymore :) )

So this week’s blog looks at the different roles in agile software development.

First check out this cartoon:


Of course you could read the same article as I did and get the same information, but I figured I’d save you the time and break it down for you. So basically it goes like this:

The “pigs” are committed to building software, while everyone else is a “chicken”—interested in the project but they can come off as a bit (or be perceived as) indifferent because if it fails they’re not the pigs—that is, they weren’t the ones that committed to doing it. The desires, ideas and influences of the chicken roles are taken into account, but are not in any way allowed to get in the way of the actual Scrum project.

So who are the pigs and who are the chickens at Troppus?

“Pig” roles

The Pigs are the ones committed to the project in the Scrum process—they are the ones with “their bacon on the line” if you will, and performing the actual work of the project, they are on the front line.

ScrumMaster (or Facilitator) = Hannibal

Team = PDT and Sales Team

Product Owner = This confused me a bit, the article stated:

“The Product Owner represents the voice of the customer. He/she ensures that the Scrum Team works with the “right things” from a business perspective. The Product Owner writes customer-centric items (typically user stories), prioritizes them and then places them in the product backlog. A Product Owner can be a member of the Scrum Team but cannot be a ScrumMaster.

According to original Scrum, Product Owner is in a “pig” role. However, in the context of the Sprint and the daily Stand-Up meetings, the Product Owner is considered a “chicken” since he has no role in the implementation of Sprint tasks.”

So do you think we have a specified Product Owner? Personally, I think ‘El Presidente’ fills this role.

This is getting longer than I wanted, but let’s take a quick look at Chicken Roles:

Chicken roles are not part of the actual Scrum process, but must be taken into account. They are the people who make our product possible.

Stakeholders (customers, vendors)


When I read this, I didn’t really agree with it in relation to our company. Our stakeholders consist of customers and vendors but also our investors and the board. Additionally, all of our Managers with the exception of KoH are part of the SCRUM.

What do you guys think?

I say us little piggies just need to take this product all the way home!!!

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